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May 19, 2009 Meeting - 7:30pm

Guests are always welcome

SPEAKER - Larry Boucher

Basic Aquarium Concepts

Larry Has been raising aquarium fish for over  25 years. Former President of the Worcester Aquarium Club, will give a talk on the basic principles of aquarium setup and maintenance.

This program is directed toward the new hobbiest and is designed to stimulate questions and solutions that anyone may be interested or wondering about.

If you are new to the hobby or just need some information about a particular type of fishkeeping, come to the meeting and get the answers needed.

NOTE: The MAY and JUNE meetings will be held at

  Restaurant Function Room

494 Lincoln St, Worcester, MA 01605

Our usual meeting location at Worcester State College will be closed for the summer.

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Worcester State College

486 Chandler Street
Student Center, 2nd floor
Worcester, MA